Coastal Surgery Center has been organized with the following goals and objectives:

  • To provide the community with a health care system devoted to plastic and reconstructive surgery, which offer a safe, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to hospitalization.
  • To operate a facility uniquely designed for the safe and efficient performance of plastic and reconstructive surgery appropriate to the ambulatory setting.
  • To support and encourage a professional nursing staff who will strive to maintain excellence of care while utilizing the Nursing Process to continuously assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patient centered nursing care.
  • To encourage and provide for patient and family involvement in the surgical process, postoperative recovery and continued health management.
  • To allay patient apprehension and anxiety through consistent and continuing patient education.
  • To promote a team approach in the delivery of ambulatory surgical services (patients, physicians, nursing staff, and ancillary personnel).
  • To maintain ongoing quality improvement and self-assessment programs to assure patient satisfaction and monitor standards of care.

Should complications develop with a patient whose level of care exceeds the facility’s level of technology, that patient will be transferred to an appropriate regional facility.